Return & Shipping Policy

The following shipping policy is valid for all retail orders placed on our site. By making a payment for one or more items on our site, you are providing an agreement to our shipping policy.

We deliver our Products to all Countries and mainly UAE. Shipping will be done by a third-party courier.
Delivery within UAE cities shall be in 1 – 2 working days and from 4 to 10 working Days to Other Countries. UAE Delivery Fees will be a Flat Rate of AED: 10 and Delivery Fees outside UAE will be mentioned on the checkout page depending on the country and location. Avoid any delivery delay by providing your full address along with your contact details

Please note that the term “FREE SHIPPING” applies to “non-priority” shipments for which the customer does not pay any additional charges over and above what is listed as the price of the items (after adjustments for any discounts and credits) in the order being placed. However, since we, as suppliers, need to bear charges for shipping and handling of the items we send to our customers, we reserve certain rights in cases involving refunds, regarding the refund of these charges, in certain cases, as outlined below and in our Returns Policy.
In case of Saree orders, where the customer wishes to have a complimentary blouse and petticoat pair stitched, it will take at least 7 days for the tailor to do so. In some rare cases, it might take longer, up to 15 days. The time for delivery mentioned above then increases by the time taken to get the blouse and petticoat ready.
We do not guarantee any time limit of delivery. In rare cases, delays might occur due to customs clearance delays, flight delays or other uncontrolable circumstances. However we always try our level best to ensure delivery within the number of days to delivery as informed in our post-order communication to the customer. In case the ordered item(s) do(es) not reach the customer within 6 weeks* of our having shipped the same from India, we will offer a full refund, provided any tracking information does not show that delivery was attempted at the customer doorstep. However, in case of packages for which we are unable to find tracking information for the package, we will assume on good faith that the package delivery was not attempted and we will refund the entire amount after 6 weeks from our shipping date.
Note: If after a refund is issued, a delivery attempt is made, the customer may choose to refuse to accept delivery of the package. If the delivery is accepted, the original ordering amount again becomes payable and suitable information on how to make the payment will be sent by email.

In case the package is returned to us after attempted delivery or because of a wrong shipping address provided by the customer at the time of placing order, we will be able to offer a partial refund after deduction of the charges we had to bear to have the item(s) packaged and shipped.
Customs charges, if any will have to be borne by the customer. However, by experience, we find that customs charges are very rarely applicable on our packages.
The choice of the consignment carrier is made at the sole discretion of
We accept returns within 7 days of receipt, only if their delivery packaging has not been opened or the products are damaged or wrong product. Please notify us and return the box in its original packaging. In such instances, we will endeavor to send you another or refund the payment.
We can only accept returns of products that have not been tampered with, are sealed and remain in the original packaging. If all these conditions are met, please ship your products back to us using a registered courier service and we will issue a full refund. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any returned shipments if the product has been used or tampered with. Shipping & Handling fees are non-refundable.

We will try our best to stick to the colors of the artwork, apparel, jewelry, books and other items in our website. However, one must take note that computer displays often vary from screen to screen and what is rendered on one computer screen sometimes looks slightly different on another computer screen. As a result, what you might receive might look slightly different in terms of texture or color. This perceived difference, if any, will be because of the differences in screen color rendering.

We at tajabeer sell the very item whose image you see in our website and that is the very item we send to you once you purchase it. If you find the colors/texture/size of the item you have received to be drastically different from the image or the accompanying information, in our website, please write to us at with an unmodified digitized picture of the item that has reached you for us to be able to offer a refund. A refund is NOT applicable if the difference is merely because of a difference in perception because of variable computer screen rendering of the images in our website. A refund is also NOT applicable if in the case of a jewelry or apparel item, there is a problem of fit. The sizes are clearly mentioned along with each item and should be reviewed well before purchasing. In case you wish to return one or more items because of this reason, only a partial refund will be issued after deduction of applicable shipping & handling charges that we have had to bear when we originally shipped the items to you.

Though we take the greatest care in packing our items, we do realize the possibility of damages to the items you purchase, in transit. In case the product reaches you damaged, we offer you a full refund. However, the buyer is required to provide us with complete details of the damage involved and a digitized image of the damaged items for us to be able to process your refund claim. Intimation of damaged or defective items needs to be made within one week of delivery of the package containing the damaged/defective items.

In case of orders for Saris, where the customer opts for a blouse/petticoat to be stitched by us, we try our best to stick to the measurements provided by the customer for the blouse/petticoat. However, there may be differences in the measurements provided and the actual blouse/petticoat measurements. In such cases, if the difference is very large, we, at our discretion, might offer an alteration of the blouse/petticoat if the customer sends the blouse/petticoat to us. The altered blouse/petticoat will be sent back by us at our cost. Also, whether the blouse/petticoat will be altered will depend on the difference in the actual size and the measurements provided by the customer. In cases where alteration is not possible, a partial refund will be offered, based on the amount charged for the stitched blouse/petticoat.

Some Saris are available with blouse pieces attached to them while others do not have attached blouse pieces. In cases where either an attached blouse piece is not available or when the attached blouse piece size will not be sufficient for a blouse with the measurements provided by the customer, we will provide a blouse piece with matching color but from a different fabric stack. The chosen color will be at our discretion – either matching with the base color of the Sari or, in certain cases, with the border color. Also, the fabric of the blouse may be different in texture from the fabric of the Sari, in such cases.

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